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A Pineapple Poem


A pineapple takes 2(!) years to grow,

So have patience with you because you’re all you know,

Keep faith in process!

Because It’s all progress.

Just try to go with the flow-


As we work, we bloom from within,

Remember you’re blossoming even when 

You can’t see the fruits of your labors.




Keep a thick skin, you,

Always stay sweet. 

Make yourself your favorite person to meet.


Trademark by Evangeline Joy


Be sweet, be tough, 

Remember that you are enough.

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Evie Joy is a NYC songwriter/director specializing in love songs of every genre, from comedy to ballad. A 2024 US Keychange artist and a 2020 recipient of the New York Women's Fund Grant, Joy was recognized by PopDust for writing "a canticle of female empowerment”. She performed her Pro-Choice Anthem in the 2021 NYC Women's March, after Amy Schumer, and is passionate about inspiring women to feel powerful and unburdened by social norms. Her music has been featured in Season 2 and 5 of the television show, “Temptation Island” and her songs have won her the City Artist Corps Grant, a fellowship with Johnny Mercer, and awards in the New England Songwriting Competition, Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, and the Great American Song Contest.


Joy loves the intimacy of Sofar Sounds shows, but has opened for Sheryl Crow, Ava Max, and Social House using her ukulele Ed, a keyboard, a bass, multiple percussive instruments, and a loop pedal to build vocal/ instrumental arrangements in live performances around the world. She has a comedic genre she performs called, “ukulele rap” and gets the crowd laughing alongside her by adding funny one-liners in between verses. “There is a sadness in everything,” she says in regard to her comedy in her music, “but that’s where we should find humor.” Joy is represented by G.G. Greg Agency for the college circuit and was a 2019 Showcase artist at NACA. She is currently directing an anthological docuseries that aims at bringing consciousness to romantic love. 

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