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Evie Joy

Recent Release: Love Letters album

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About the Recent Album

Love Letters is an album to question the roles we take on without question, especially when it comes to love. Just like its cover, the album is a reconciliation between reality now, and childhood ideals, with Evie Joy surrounded by a cartoon picket-fence, primary colors, and print that nods at fairytale delusions.

The album opens with a jazzy urban baseline and comedic word-play to compare a toxic relationship to addiction. Inviting us to discover the “heroine” within, the album leads the listener away from the co- dependent path, rooted in a signature approach of unfolding personal stories behind catchy melodies, engaging lyricism and wit.

The second song, “When the Love is Dead” features a music video with a chair-dance that flips between masculine and feminine energies we balance within ourselves, addressing gender norms. The song, like the album, explores how we can remove the “hat,” and leave the validation of another’s spotlight to find our own truth.

“Happy,” explores the many emotions that come with relationships and the supposed “happy ever after” we’re expected to achieve. After the harmonic title-track questioning what true love is halfway through Love Letters, “Dreaming” wakes the listener with an explosion of dance energy and a new (heart)beat, the cycle of love.

The ending track, “Happy Ever Also” is a quirky and triumphant finish exploring what would happen if the Disney characters left the script, and Sleeping Beauty “got woke,” encouraging us all to find our own authentic narrative.


Artist Information

  • Label: self-released

  • Genre: alt 

  • Hometown: New York, NY

  • Influences: Sara Bareilles, Bo Burnham, Carole King, Stephen Lynch

  • Sounds like: Above influences, Fiona Apple, freedom


Recent Press

Evie Joy is a NYC songwriter/director specializing in love songs of every genre, from comedy to ballad. A 2020 recipient of the New York Women's Fund Grant, Joy was recognized by PopDust for writing "a canticle of female empowerment”. She performed her Pro-Choice Anthem in the 2021 NYC Women's March, after Amy Schumer, and is passionate about inspiring women to feel powerful and unburdened by social norms. Her music has been featured in multiple Seasons of the television show, “Temptation Island" and on "Hollywood Houselift", and her songs have won her the City Artist Corps Grant, a fellowship with Johnny Mercer, and awards in the New England Songwriting Competition, Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, and the Great American Song Contest.


Joy has played over 50 Sofar Sounds shows, and opened for Sheryl Crow, Ava Max, and Social House using her ukulele Ed, a keyboard, a bass, multiple percussive instruments, and a loop pedal to build vocal/ instrumental arrangements in live performances. She has a comedic genre she performs called, “ukulele rap” and gets the crowd laughing alongside her by adding funny one-liners in between verses. “There is a sadness in everything,” she says in regard to her comedy in her music, “but that’s where we should find humor.” Joy is represented by G.G. Greg Agency for the college circuit and was a 2019 Showcase artist at NACA. She is currently directing an anthological docuseries that aims at bringing consciousness to romantic love. 



Social Links

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On the New Album

Songwriter, satirist, and self-proclaimed "love explorer,” Evie Joy encourages listeners to rise above toxic patterns and co-dependency on new single “Heroin(e),” which serves as a precursor to her new album, Love Letters.


A deep dive into the systemic issues that cause cycles of unhealthy dynamics, the empowering anthem ruminates on how love doesn’t mean losing your individualism and identity, but growing as individuals together.

She explains, “If we’re loyal, sacrificial, within the bounds of “comfort”, and loving someone without any conditions for how they treat themselves or us, we can end up merging in a way where neither of us is helping the other grow, and that isn’t love. Love isn’t “merging” in a way that you are no longer whole on your own but the ability to grow closer together, even as you grow.”

Inviting us to discover ourselves and become our own “heroine,” Joy leads us away from the co-dependent path that she and many women fall into, rooted in her signature approach of unfolding deeply personal stories behind catchy melodies and engaging lyricism.

Taking us along on a healing and recovery journey, Joy’s artistry is one that’s brimming with love and mystery as she weaves through an intricate labyrinth of relatable questions and emotions.

With this latest track being the first step to a jam-packed November ahead, Joy will be sprinkling love notes all over New York City, turning it into a real-life treasure hunt just in time for Halloween. 

She has also teased the arrival of a new track and video, which promises to be an introspective exploration of intimacy and self, ahead of her album release, she will drop next single “When the Love is Dead,"  and a music video featuring a chair-dance that flips between the masculine and feminine energies we balance within ourselves and is a call to assess the hats we wear in society and the roles we take on without question. 



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